timed to perfection

What a day. Dodging small amounts of rain after what was forecast to be heavy showers, this day worked out perfectly.

The girls looked amazing as they watched bridesmaids and laughed their matching slippers off. Many lols by everyone including myself as that is one of my all time favourite movies. Instantly there was some pretty good banter floating around the room.

Maddys mum got out of covid quarantine the morning of her wedding which was a huge relief for everyone, especially Maddy. The small church ceremony, was capped with a beautiful send of as the bridal party made their way to the Botanic gardens for portraits. The bridal party were absolute legends, running around the gardens chasing pockets of light.

Finally the night was spent at Lot 100 where the two families came together to congratulate these two. The d-floor was going off to the theme of old school tracks as everyone let loose.


6 - 11- 2021


The beautiful ceremony at the college Jason attended.

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